Today is the start of my focus on one site for the next 4 weeks. I will call this “Site 1″ (how is that for original?)

Site 1 is almost 2 years old ( I remember when it was just a baby…sniff, sniff) and primarily monetized with adsense. It’s in a competitive niche and it took awhile to get and stay on page 1 of Google, but I have been holding position #3 for a few weeks for my primary keyword. This site is my best earner and I think it has the most potential for earning more of all my sites.

I’d like to record some starting stats here so that we can follow the progress:

Primary KW ranking (homepage): #3 in Scroogle (August search vol = 3600)

Secondary KW ranking (homepage): #2 in Scroogle (August search vol = 3600)

New KW1 ranking (homepage): #36 in Scroogle (August search vol = 1900)

New KW2 ranking (homepage): #177 in Scroogle (August search vol = 60,000)

August Unique Visitors: 1578 (according to awstats, Sept vol is up)

GOALS: Move up to #2 spot for primary keyword, get on page 1 for new KW1 and new KW2, and increase unique visitors to site (overall goal).

My overall goal for this site is to increase visitor numbers which should increase my earnings. Pretty basic. How I intend to do this is to 1) increase my ranking for my primary keyword 2) rank my homepage for additional keywords, and 3) increase rankings of inner pages. Let me explain my methods a bit before getting to the inner page stats.

First, I am only shooting for a #2 ranking for my primary keyword b/c taking #1 would be very difficult. The site at #1 is a huge authority site in the niche and frankly, my site is not even worthy of the top spot yet. Even I like the site at #1. But going from#2 to #3 should bring me some additional traffic and someday I can shoot for #1.

Second, the large majority of my traffic comes through the homepage (which is a PR3) and the domain/title fit a certain sub-niche. When checking the top suggestions in the new Google Instant that occur when I type in my primary keyword, “new KW1″ was shown above my primary keyword. Since I am already ranking on page 4 for that term, I thought it would be useful to get on page 1 for that term *in case” Google Instant starts directing more traffic that direction.

In addition, I have a stretch or long-term goal of ranking my site for “new KW2″. New KW2 is a shorter version of my primary KW and gets a huge volume of searches. Of course, with that comes increased competition so I think it would take a lot of time and work to rank but there is no time like now to start!

Finally, I will be funneling more links towards inner pages in the hopes that those pages will start to rank better (and bring in more site traffic) and in the hopes that the extra link juice will boost the overall site rankings. I have had a lot of difficulty ranking inner pages up until now so we will see what happens. I picked out 10 pages to target based on search volume, current ranking, and earning potential. I know that one page that briefly ranked on the first page brought in click-happy people so I would be delighted to get that page ranking well again.

Okay, so here are my inner page rankings using rank tracker from 9/22:

KW1 = #24
KW2 = >200
KW3 = #21
KW4 = >200
KW5 = >200
KW6 = >200
KW7 = >200
KW8 = >200
KW9 = >200
KW10 = >200

Looks pretty bleak, huh? Well, I am hoping that pushing links to the inner pages will boost the site overall. And if I could rank just KW1 and KW3 on the first page, I would be pretty happy as they have a good CPC.

Okay, so my overall goal with Site 1 is to increase earnings by increasing traffic volume. And my plan to increase traffic is by backlinking inner pages and backlinking the homepage to try and rank for additional keywords. Since this post is already long, I will discuss my backlinking plans in a second post.

By the way, I started the day with a list of things to do and I already finished. I’m feeling motivated and hope it continues!

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6 Responses to Site 1 Focus – Week 1

  1. Solid plan! I’ve recently come to realize some of the same things you seem to have, and have revised my plan to focus on some more simple tasks. It’s easy to get our heads in the clouds and forget what it’s really about: Ranking! and ranking can’t happen a million pages at a time (unless we are doing some spammy stuff). It’s good to focus on a few at a time until they are solid. That’s what I’m thinking. I’m interested in seeing how this “Site 1″ progresses!

  2. Widmaer says:

    Loving it Carrie!

    you have a crystal clear plan right there :) it’s daily little steps, that will take you very far in the long term process.

    Is this a site you’re only monetizing with Adsense? or you could add other targeted stuff to increase your earnings?

    Can’t wait to see how it goes!
    Widmaer recently posted..11 Micro Niche Blogging Site Ready – Maybe Two More To Go

  3. Carrie says:

    Jared, hopefully things will work out. As I said, I haven’t had much luck ranking inner pages but in the long run the effort should strengthen the site.

    Widmaer, I do have a Clickbank banner on there, but the site does pretty well with Adsense so I don’t mess with other stuff. It’s more of an informational site so there really aren’t any physical products I could push anyway.
    Carrie recently posted..Site 1 Focus – Week 1

  4. Michelle says:

    I love these kinds of tests and will be following… :)
    Could you share your backlinking strategy with us (or have you posted it somewhere else)?
    Michelle recently posted..CB Journal Day 54- Dancing Again

  5. Carrie says:

    Michelle, I’m gonna post the BL strategy in my next post. Ran out of time today. Nothing novel, though.

  6. In the words of Vader, “Impressive!”

    Meaning: the organization. I’m with Michelle – I like the testing. Cool Niss.
    JamestheJust on Elance recently posted..Article Marketing Robot Discount And Review Update

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