Just a quick update on my October earnings – see my earnings page.

October started slowly but ended a bit surprising – my best month ever. That’s despite losing my best site in August so not too bad. Most of the gain came from Amazon where I have one strong site. My other okay Amazon site appears to have been pandalized in the October hit and I’m not going to mess with it for now.

My effort in building Squidoo lens in August and September has also worked out well and is giving me a boost. As long as the big G plays nice for 2 more months I should see some nice returns in November and December.

That’s really all I want to say. I had an extremely unproductive week last week because I let some personal stuff weigh me down but I am hoping to work hard next week to make up for it and prepare for the Christmas rush. Things have been so rocky lately with the SERPs that it is difficult for me to get excited about the next two months but things look good for now.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


9 Responses to My October Earnings

  1. Dave says:

    Nice increase Carrie, congratulations. That is some jump up the scale.

    Dave recently posted..2.0

  2. Tiffany says:

    Woohoo on the earnings!!

    You and me are on the same rollercoaster ride right now. My November is starting off really slow this year but I’m hoping it picks up soon.

    C’mom people, whip out those credit cards and start buying stuff :)
    Tiffany recently posted..If You Think Can’t… A Post on Mindset

  3. James Hussey says:

    That’s awesome, Carrie – how has AdSense done? You mentioned Amazon being a clear winner, have you seen an increase in your AdSense as well?

    Solid earnings, and good news – sorry to hear about your personal downer(s). I would say, “Don’t let it get to you” but I’d be a hypocrite.
    James Hussey recently posted..Increase Web Traffic With and Without Google

  4. Juany says:

    Depends on your dependants, detdcuions and if you qualify for any credits. you may get some of it back or you may not. usually the 28% should cover you pretty well if you only get your personal exemption and the standard deduction. you may get a little back or you may owe a little if this is the case.

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