Well, we moved into our new house so that hurdle is over, but there is still a lot to do. But at least I’ve been able to get online a little more. I have about 2 more weeks until the kids are back in school and I plan to come out swinging.

I started working on a rough plan of what I want to accomplish for the rest of this year. I have come to accept (since I realized it long ago) that my online work was too scattered. I spent too much time jumping around, shifting gears, and worrying about this or that. I need a firm plan and I need to follow it, no deviations allowed. Instead of doing something and then looking for immediate results, I need to build well and know that my work will eventually pay off.

Once I have a firm plan I will post it here for some accountability, but for now I can say that my plan is to keep adding content to my top sites, development backlinks primarily through content (article directories, Web 2.0s), and test out some new niches. I also want to spend a few weeks dedicating myself to two of my sites which are the most profitable at the moment. Get in the groove with each site and trying to increase rankings and earnings – FOCUS.

By the way, my little experiment with ranking those two sites has worked well. Both sites are on Page 1 now and have been sticking. In fact, most of my older sites are now ranking on Page 1 but the big problem is that many are not profitable. That is frustrating especially since I would expect these niches to be profitable. So while I only want to ultimately have less than 20 sites to manage long-term, I need to add more sites to my portfolio that are actually profitable (ya think?). But now I have learned my lesson and will actually test out new niches on Squidoo or Hubpages before building a whole site.

I did however start 2 new sites this summer simply because I came across 2 niches that had lots of products and were niches I had some knowledge on (and enjoy). Maybe I should have tested these niches first, but I really felt good about them so I went ahead and bought domains and have some initial content. These sites also reflect a shift in my niche selection process which is too look at product availability/selection rather than CPC.

So that is about where things stand for me. I’m finally feeling pretty confident in the direction I am taking and hope my effort will pay off in the next few months. I will be reinvesting all of my earnings this year back into my sites so that will help a lot but come January that will have to change.

I actually need to do some financial assessments once all this house-related stuff settles down and figure out where my earnings need to be before I have to consider other options (like a J.O.B). This is another area I have let slip since being laid off and almost assuming IM would pay off when I had more time to spend on it. My goals are not to be a full-time IMer, my goals are financial freedom and I need to get back to that focus. I also have personal goals which have nothing to do with money that I have shamefully let slip. Oh yeah, I also need to renovate most of my new house (okay, maybe I don’t NEED to but I really WANT to).

Off to work on my plan for a little and then unpack something or buy something.


5 Responses to August Update – Getting Ready

  1. Too close to home, much too close. It’s almost like you read my mind.


    Focus? Whassat?

    Goals? Plans? C’mon – that’s grown-up talk, I’m a Toys R Us kid…And I never knew you were laid off? Missed that some place.

    Good post, Carrie! Glad you’re settling down. Dave on his blog had a really good plan laid out – I referenced it in my recent post.

    And Tracey Edwards…yep. She’s just done the same, sorta…On one hand: you (and I) know this stuff – implementation is another beast.
    JamestheJust on Elance recently posted..Plan For Making Sales Online During Christmas Shopping

  2. Michelle says:

    Good to see you are back Carrie! I’ve missed your updates. I agree with James, it sounds like you have a good idea of how to move forward. I’m certain once you’ve settled in and start working regularly again it is going to start to come together. Your right that having FOCUS is the key. In my experience just having a plan isn’t enough – I need a regular system to make sure I put that plan in action, day after day after day. Accountability, pressure and deadlines helps too. :)

    Reinvesting and growing your business also seems key to me – so it’s good you are going to be doing that as well. I just hired another VA, since I know I don’t have the time to do the work that needs to be done. It was kind of an “ouch” moment, though, since there are so things I’d like to purchase to make life a little ‘nicer’ for me and my son (like a living room couch, for example!). But right now, investing in my business – and our future – is the right move.
    Michelle recently posted..CB Journal 28- Not Much New To Report Yet

  3. Carrie says:

    Yeah James, I feel like I have all the knowledge just can’t seem to get it to work right.

    Thanks Michelle. You seem to do very well with plans and focus. I’m going to work a lot harder at have daily plans and goals and sticking to them.

  4. Crud muffin – I meant to give Michelle some props.

    Pretend I mentioned her BEFORE you did. Michelle’s a definite inspiration – so’s that Sara chick.

    Whatever focus pills you have, Michelle, give me some?
    JamestheJust on Elance recently posted..Plan For Making Sales Online During Christmas Shopping

  5. Darn you – post something already – quit RedGauging and stuff!

    JamestheJust on Elance recently posted..Make Money Online And Don’t Pay A Dime – Newbie Orientation

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